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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thanks to Viewers!

I have had a blog for my experiences with Lyme Disease for about 4 years. It came and went, my brain being unable to write out the posts, or the lack of motivation of having 10 to 0 views daily keeping me from taking the effort to blog for months at a time. At one point I did not update the blog for a year. I had 4 followers for the longest time. This post is just in extreme thankfulness to the viewers of this blog. In the past three days I have had more viewers, friends, supporters than I ever thought possible. Right now this is the only thing I have been able to wrap my brain around, and schoolwork is not even an option with my concentration problems and eye sensitivity. My memory is gone which makes it impossible to finish courses that I don't remember starting. However, I now feel a sense of purpose to update this blog more regular. I can see that my views traveled to 300, 800, and then over a thousand in just a days time and I know have views from Jordan, Gabon, Israel, Australia, Russia, and the Netherlands. That is so inspiring it makes my heart swell. I plan to put more posts out there and keep this modern and updated for the now 20 followers that are just Blogspot members and who knows how many email followers. Thank you to you all!

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