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Thursday, May 17, 2012

NH Lyme Conference, 'A Team Approach'

This upcoming Saturday, the 19th, our second annual Lyme Disease Awareness Conference in Laconia, NH will take place, run mainly by the Lyme411 Lakes Region Lyme Support Group. This is an event where Doctors and other educational speakers will talk to the general public and other health officials about Lyme, its management, treatment, and a team's job to overcome it. A Lyme Disease literate MD will be speaking on Saturday, at Beane Conference Center on Blueberry Lane around noon. I'm excited to see what he will bring to the table as I have not heard him speak at an engagement like this before, and I'm sure many people will have their eyes opened to the subjects on his agenda. Julia Greenspan, a well known Lyme Literate Naturopath from New Hampshire will also be speaking on  Lyme and Tick Borne Illnesses. She was interviewed on WMUR within the past 6 months, and is a nice addition to the speaking team. Also a licensed RD or Dietician by the name of Marilyn Donnelly of Concord will provide insight into the team approach as well. Hopefully a good turn out will enjoy the speakers, and take the time to come say hello to me in my lime green flip flops and skirt.

For more information visit the conference facebook event page at:

or comment below.

The Beane Conference Center is at 35 Blueberry Lane, Laconia, NH.
Hope to see you there! Event flyer below.


  1. I was sort of relieved to see the 20/20 about Elaina that acquired an accent from lyme. Our daughter not only has one accent but 2 or 3, depending on how stressed or tired she is. We have suffered with the doubt from doctors accusing her of faking it, and we were sceptacle ourselves, at first, but after 3 years her accents continue. Under the most stress her accent is heavily British. Other times it is sort of Asian and sometimes the Russian or Ukranian sounding. She never knows when these accents will come or go and she defitely has no control over them. She has given up all treatment because we can't find a Doctor that will treat her if she mentions Lyme. It's very frustrating and we worry that in time she may have more symptoms.

  2. Was this conference tapped and will it be available for purchase? Thanks...

    1. Yes it was taped and will be for purchase for $15. I can let you know when it comes out if you want? Email me at


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