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Friday, October 10, 2014

Been a Long Time Since I Posted

It has been a long time since I have updated everyone. Basically my life had spun out of control and I needed to get a hold on things. Here is where I'm at, bear with me as my scatter-brain leads you up until the current events in my life. The Zio patch test came back fine, which is a good sign. I stopped the blood pressure medication and attended the gym on my own to restrengthen my cardiac stamina. I stopped the cardiac rehab with the heart monitors and was relieved to go back to a more normal lifestyle. My Lyme symptoms all got increasingly worse. My regimen of Clindamycin, Omnicef, and Tindamax did not do anything for me as I got increasingly worse. I just recently visited my LLMD who put me on a regimen of Paxil for the anxiety (finally working with no worsened side effects), Amoxy, Doxy (good because the sun sensitivity won't be overpowering in the fall and winter seasons), and Flagyll. These medications are supposed to attack the cystic form of Lyme, Bartonella, and Babesia. I also still take probiotics, Nystatin, Axid, and Zyrtec. I visited my hematologist who said my second Lupus Anticoagulant tests came back negative, so I have an unnamed clotting disposition that could be a problem worsened by the Lyme. It will keep me from ever getting IV medication again, or ever taking hormonal birth control. I go in for the Paraguard IUD, because it's non-hormonal, next week. Also I will stay on daily baby Aspirin to keep clotting instances from happening.

My symptoms currently include the worst fatigue I've ever felt, tendonitis, overall pain mainly in the torso area and lower back, headaches which I just got glasses to assist with, ear problems, nausea, dizzyness, fainting spells, joint inflammation, brain fog, memory loss, confusion, narcoleptic episodes, loss of concentration, anxiety/depression, and lack of appetite, Those are the major symptoms not including the occasional episode of night sweats, sleep insomnia, or muscle spasms. I can say that starting the new medications two weeks ago have already shown they are keeping symptoms from getting worse. The pain has subsided a small bit, while tendonitis worsened. I am hopeful they will work to keep me from my usual winter seasonal decline in symptoms. Currently I have been too tired to think about going to the gym. I fall asleep in classes or while driving, and go to bed as soon as I get home. I long for naps during the day, and have no motivation to move from the couch or bed, I sleep 10-14 hours a night but still want nothing more than to sleep. It's hard to hold a social life when you feel dead by nine, can't stay away to drive home, and feel like taking a nap instead of eating dinner. In fact I choose not to eat when it means walking to get the food, and instead doze off in my seat. This is a new profound exhaustion then I have experienced before. I know I need to gain cardiac stamina but just find it too hard to think about a walk or exercise. I feel distanced from many people and have to choose whether I socialize or do homework. In fact, most of the time I skip my homework and try to leave early from my new part time job because even though I'm smiling, I'm dying inside. My anxiety wake me up first thing in the morning, shaking and nauseas until I get the Paroxetine in my system. I also head to bed at night fighting depression and wanting to just never wake up. Hopefully I have more positive updates soon for all my faithful readers.