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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Review of 20/20

When the show began you could hear a pin drop, but the minute my face came across the screen for a small advertisement at the beginning, I was squealing and so thrilled to see myself on TV. Anybody would be. However I was nervous that the editors may try to make it look like I was crazy, healthy, and needed to be off of medicine. They didn't do that. The show was a gracious 10 minutes of me time and it opened many eyes, connecting foreign accent syndrome with Lyme Disease for the first time and bringing up coinfections on national television. Here is a link for those who did not get to see it:

For the rest, we all agree. The time frame was stressed, an hour would have been nice, but they did a good job covering my story with the time they had. They concentrated a lot on prom and how there was hope for the future instead of my current lacking health, but I appreciate the producers soo much for taking my story on and working with me last minute. Even coming to NH for the entire interview process and fitting it in for two days. It was a blessing to work with them and the film crew, and a bigger one to see the result. Already, five others who thought they were alone have contacted me, saying they had accents too! I am thrilled to open many people's eyes and to connect with people to let them know they are NOT alone. Most of the world is on their side, and I'm an email away!


  1. And you as well are NOT alone! I suffer from so many of the same symptoms as you not with an accent though.

  2. You did a fantastic job on 20/20 Elaina! Thanks for telling your story and helping all Lyme patients feel less alone. Good for you in going to your Prom. You looked lovely in your blue dress. Andi

  3. You did a great job on your interview. I too suffer from FAS. I was in a car accident in 2006. It 3 years for my accent to clear up. I still have an accent, but its not a prevelant as it used to be too others. Keep your chin up because it will get better. We do have a private support group on Facebook. Sincerely, Pattie Yakaboski


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