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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ups and Downs

With so many down spirals I found it hard the past few months to keep up with my blog. I do want everyone to know what is happening though. I was horseback riding 45 minutes away, which was great until gas became such an issue and a few people at the property became bent nosed about one issue or another and I had to be the better person and leave. It's too bad that people have to be so juvenile and hold grudges. On top of that, It's unfair for someone like me who tries so hard to do 110% to be treated like all I'm doing is out to be in the way. I do hope in the near future I can take my experience and find a place where I am appreciated, and can ride to exercise a horse that is getting as little exercise as myself and just needs a companion. The experience of trying to run an entire estate sale, which was very successful until the last day, was too stressful on my body. I was not yet ready to be under that sort of stress. A week after the sale ended, a 5 week process, I developed a blood clot or deep vein thrombosis around my PICC line and had to have it pulled after 15 months. Nearly all my medicine stopped for 13 days until I returned to my LLMD, and the clot was watched very closely. I have recovered for the most part but am still struggling with worsened symptoms including return of brain fog, muscle twitching, fatigue, mood swings, pain, and nausea. Just the other day I started back at square one. I am now on oral Clindamycin, Rifampin, and Minocycline. I may have begun experiencing the migraines from the Minocin again today but I need to wait a few days to see for sure. The Clindamycin is substituting the PICC medication, and we are hoping for as good of a response. In two weeks, after taking these medicines, letting my body adjust, and detoxing, I will start Serrapeptase and Nattokinase to help break up bio films and make the antibiotics more effective, break up blood clots, and also break up cysts while reducing inflammation. I hope these medicines are as problem solving as they sound, and will have to wait to see for sure. Most people who are not sensitive to antibiotics or can't take high amounts due to stomach sensitivities would benefit from these two, as they are taken 30 minutes before antibiotics and are helpful in increasing the effectiveness of herbal or prescription treatments.

On the school front, I have set a challenging but realistic goal I believe to have my High School Diploma at the end of summer, do transfer credits and CLEP courses in the fall, and attend a local college in January of 2014. Determination is all that's getting me through right now. I am finishing a Physical Education class online right now, and taking a midterm for a Chemistry course that should get me through the test for the college credit. I will be taking a transferable English credit for one of my two required English credits left, and same with Health. I should start an SAT Prep course in December, and take my SAT's in May and maybe even in the fall again. Crossing my fingers for a clear enough brain to get me through another year of school online! The tutor is a huge help, without that help I would have dropped out of Chemistry online, and I am looking forward to more time with her until December or beyond.