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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

As part of my drug holiday and to help me recover from lingering concussion symptoms, my Lyme doctor really urged us to try Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). The office has a soft shelled chamber that basically pressurizes oxygen into your system while breathing 100% oxygen for different amounts of times. The thought is that the oxygen increase for the short amount of time increases circulation and oxygen levels to the point where people receiving the therapy notice improved energy levels and medicine effectiveness. Children receiving Chemotherapy spend time in the chamber directly after their treatments to increase the Chemo's effectiveness by pushing it into all the tissues. Concussion symptoms are noticeably improved by the oxygen increase to the brain and Lyme sufferers may notice more energy and less joint and muscle problems. This is an effective way of improving the benefits of treatment but it is out of pocket and fairly expensive. For one day, the next three weeks, I'm going to receive treatments to clear my concussion symptoms and help with whatever Lyme detoxing I'm doing on this drug holiday. Huge prayers that I can have the patience to lay in this loud machine for an hour and fifteen minutes every Tuesday morning and still be able to drive home afterward.


  1. You are a very strong girl. Try to stay positive. Know that you are helping many people with your struggle.

  2. May there be more ups than downs for you in the rest of this journey, Elaina. May the Universe send you all you need to recover. The prior posting said it very well... you are inspiring to those lucky enough to be touched by your life. Know there are those like us, pulling for you and all who struggle with these illnesses.

  3. Hi Elaina, my wife is suffering from chronic lyme and would like to ask what doctor you get your HBOT? I would like take her there to try it.

  4. I see my LLMD in concord, NH for it, email me to ask more


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