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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Bigger Bed

Some of my posts have been delayed by the whole 20/20 experience along with the gall bladder problems all at once in the past few weeks. However I did want to follow up one of my earlier posts. I was looking for a bigger bed to fit my mom on it with me and give me more space to spend the long terrible sick days in. We found a beautiful mattress box spring and frame set from a college student for $300  a few weeks ago, and picked it up with the help of my boyfriend and his dad's truck. Then we ended up selling the adjustable bed and making back $200 to ease the financial burden. Now I've just been looking for 400-500 thread count sheets so I can really enjoy the experience of having a bigger bed and spending 3/4 of my time in it. When the news crew contacted me I had just finished setting up the bed and getting my room all clean and gorgeous. Today I just packed up some random cluttering items and my old sheets and bed skirt into a tub and slid it under my nice new storage space. The smile it brought to be able to put stuff under my bed made me want to post and update everyone on that situation. I get my surgery tomorrow Morning on my gall bladder at 7:30 AM and I will be able to recover in the nice big bed for the next few weeks.

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