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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I was directed to this web page by a friend whom I have discussed many detoxing ideas with in the past. Almost all of these I have tried, a lot of them I still do. Do what works for you, and remember that most people agree with the fact that detoxing is as important if not more important than the treatment of ANY medical setback!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rare Hyperhidrosis Sweating on Back of One Hand

Last week I finally saw a dermatologist who could help me. After 10 years or more suffering with pouring sweat from the back of my left hand, and googling the problem endlessly, I finally discovered the condition of excessive sweating was called Hyperhidrosis. When I was younger I saw a dermatologist that informed me he had never seen this, did not know what it was, thought I should tough it out, and sent me home with a prescription for Dry sol that burnt my hand and severely irritated my hand, not fixing the problem. Through my searches online I found two dermatologists, one through well renowned Dartmouth Hitchcock who has a branch in Manchester, NH, and one farther away who was willing to see me sooner. I scheduled both appointments and the first one was terrible. Dr. Campbell at Dover Skin Health did not spend more than five minutes with me, ignored my story, said less than ten words, and sent me home with a prescription for the same stuff that hadn't worked for me beforehand! It was a disaster, waste of a drive! After a three month wait I saw Dr. Willer through Dartmouth, and he was superb. He saw me 45 minutes late since my Lyme brain got me terribly lost, and spent at least another 45 minutes with me. He listened to my story, showed a diagram of the body's nerve pathways, described my condition and the concerns with certain treatments and their complications right now, and he even assured me we would figure it out once the Lyme clears up. There was nothing negative said about the diagnosis of Lyme Disease, and all was smooth. Dr. Willer had never seen a patient with this sever of a condition on the back of a hand, nor on the back of one hand. Usually patients suffer sweating on both sides of the body equally. So I guess I am one percent, and unable to receive surgery since the place of problem is nearly impossible to find. He suggested we get a neurological work up since usually problems on one side of the body are caused from a problem including a tumor in the brain or on the nerve somewhere. A tumor is unlikely after 10 years of dealing with this however, but still we should look into it. So when I see my new PCP for the first time I plan to discuss this with her.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Liver Problems

The past month I have suffered sever nausea and spent some nights hanging over a bucket all night, as well as fatigue, migraines, dizziness, weakness, lack of appetite, weight gain, dehydration, bowel pain and discomfort, and we thought it was because of the switch of medicines. Now we find out from a call from the LLMD nurse that my liver levels are  fairly elevated, more than three times the normal amount. I was taken immediately off of all my oral antibiotics and put on Milk Thistle for liver support. I'm still nauseas and ill after a week so tomorrow we will see what the liver test comes back like for the second time and depending on the results I may have to get a liver ultrasound to make sure nothing is severely messed up in there. Maybe after we figure this road block out we will be able to get me feeling near normal. It's amazing to think that even with liver inflammation I have been horseback riding again for the first time in two years, working for four days, attending an outdoor music festival, blasting through schoolwork, and possibly even receiving a promotion in Civil Air Patrol this upcoming Thursday night.

My Busy Week Before I Started Schoolwork

The week before I started schoolwork I worked a temporary position at Gunstock and got to attend the Soulfest for the four days I was there. Soulfest is a four day christian concert with over 100 artists and 5 separate stages. 10,000 people were there on the Saturday and that evening I got to see Casting Crowns. I saw Switchfoot, TobyMac, Casting Crowns, Lecrae, Fireflight, Family Force 5, Kutless, Rachel Taylor, Phil Joel and Peter Furler, Paul Colman, and so many more in the four evenings I was there. During the day I worked 8 hours with the adventure center doing zip line harnesses and directing people, answering questions, guiding the guests, etc. It was a worthwhile week. The third day I even got to go zip lining when it quieted down. That was the best experience I've had yet. It was amazing! Flying down through the trees at 59 mph and riding five different spans of line in the sun with an amazing view of Lake Winnepesaukee. I had a blast! I just wish it didn't take so much energy for me to participate in all the activity. I was pretty beat afterwards and spent all Sunday sick as a dog hanging over a bucket. Then Monday my tutoring was starting so I had to keep pushing through like I do best.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Just wanted to share a post on how an unhealthy person can be a powerhouse when allowed even an inch of freedom from an illness. I completed nearly 6 weeks of schoolwork with an A at the end of the day in just 2 days! How AMAZING is that? Biology has been a course hanging over my head for an entire year of foggy brain days. I finally am beating it! I am winning this one, and I start a Physical Education course on Friday which should get me through another mandatory credit! My tutor is finally coming to keep me on track and we did a lab today and extracted DNA from peas and spinach. Such fun! Then I got to make a brochure on Babesia as a parasite which made me happy. I may have discovered the cause of my increasingly worsening symptoms over the past few weeks. My doctor's nurse called today (the LLMD) and took me off of all my antibiotics that I take orally because my liver test I do weekly to keep him up to date on it's function was extremely abnormal and concerning. We are going to retest in a week and possibly do another ultrasound on the liver if this medicine break doesn't fix the problem. It is a little concerning that I am having liver problems yet proceeding with life full force. My last horse show of this season is in two days, so I have to push through at least for that. Tomorrow I see another dermatologist to discuss the Hyperhidrosis on the back of my left hand and see what he might could do about it. Then I have a long day clipping my horse (shaving and cleaning) for the upcoming show and there will be no time to rest until the evening.