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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day and ABC News' 20/20

On Friday I got an email from the 20/20 TV show on ABC news. They are doing a special this upcoming Friday at 10 pm on kids with hard to explain illnesses. They saw my videos that my mom just made public on You tube two weeks ago, and tracked down my blog and decided they wanted my story to be one of three. I feel so honored to show the trouble of Lyme to the country and be a spokesperson in a way for this disease and advocate for other teens suffering with similar problems. After this huge news I attended prom trying to put it in the back of my mind and I spent all Mother's Day cleaning house and eating ice cream. Finally today we got to get some good footage of me in regular day to day activities including at the horse farm with Miracle and on the couch with Mike and even me eating at Dudley's Ice Cream near the mini horses. It was overcast and sprinkled throughout the day but it was still good lighting. Now as they have all gone home I feel like crashing. I'm so tired from two days of stress and forced smiles that I just can't wait to lay in my bed and stare at the wall. Early in the morning I'll be leaving to attend the interview sessions taking place in my Grandparents living room for the morning. Then the crew will meet with my doctor in the afternoon. A long week ahead, but for now rest so I can handle tomorrow's excitement.


  1. I just found you. I'm so happy they are covering Chronic Lyme. My son and I both have it also. Keep up your good work of spreading the word on this horrible disease!


  2. It's great that you put your video on YouTube and that 20/20 saw it and contacted you. I am really looking forward to seeing the show this Friday. Keep raising awareness!

  3. How wonderful that 20/20 found your video on Youtube and will be featuring you and chronic Lyme. Thank you for raising awareness!


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