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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

20/20 Interviews Wrapped Up

For the past two days I had a national team on my property and in my life to get to know me. They saw my room and watched as I took medicines, wrapped my IV up, prepared for a shower, wrote a new blog entry, visited my miniature horse, ate ice cream, and performed regular activities. Nothing about the experience was regular however. It was surreal having strangers going to and from and putting a microphone on you and following you around. I'm used to just doing my thing pretty quietly but there was nothing quiet about the new visitors. We spent today doing interviews in my grandmothers kitchen 20 minutes away. Jay Schadler and I sat on the couch and talked for close to two hours, three quarters of that being intellectual interview questions. I had the speech problems all day but pressed on to do all that talking and hung in there while my mom and boyfriend were also interviewed. As quickly as they had swarmed in, they packed up and hit the road to track down my Lyme doctor and get an interview with him. Now that they have all the film they need, it is up to the editors to portray it correctly with the information and support we need in the Lyme Disease community. I'm in sweet celebration now for all the stress of it to be over and be able to sit back and watch the rest of the process take place. Maybe this will travel to other interviews in the future, or maybe not. As long as people can get a better perspective on the hell that is considered my life, that is all that matters.
 Interview time!
 Me Getting a Mic on.
Interview camera angle.


  1. You did great. You were honest and strong in the face of those tough questions. I'm proud of you. I hope the end result is truthful as well and not twisted.Fingers Crossed.

  2. You're so brave and awesome! I am looking forward to watching your interview this week on 20/20!

  3. Great Job Elaina. I am so happy to know that they are finally recognizing the hell that we go through. Best of luck to you.!

  4. Fabulous Elaina!
    It took me 10 yrs to beat Lyme. I was bedridden for 2 and lost, home, 4, marriage, family, life to Lyme.
    And, I healed 100% .You can do it too.

    Have you read my inspirational recovery book? Out of the Woods,Healing Lyme Body,Mind & Spirit? Its an award winner for best book in Alternative Health 2011.

    If not, I will send you a copy as a gift. Contact me email and I can get your address.
    Good luck w the show! We all are rooting for you.
    Katina Makris, CCH,CIH

    1. Elaina,
      I'm so proud of you and all you've been through and done the past two years. I can't wait to see the show and I hope that 20/20 has the wisdom we need them to have when putting it all together for the world to see. Thaia

  5. I pray this interview is one of truth and not one where they make those that have lyme look like they are mentally ill. I just took my dog to the vet and I have been fighting lyme for 9 years and he said there is no lyme here. I was shocked as there are several lyme support groups here where people are really suffering. Getting the word out is the best thing we can do to protect other people from suffering from this horrible disease. God Bless you for telling your story.

  6. THANK you for sharing with national television! Looking forward to seeing how they edit it. I too have been very ill with chronic Lyme and am just now feeling like I'm about to "beat" it. It took some time and endurance to stick with the meds, but I'm nearly there. Praying for you!

  7. Elaina, I'm so proud of you and all you've been through and done the past two years. Can't wait to see the show, and pray that they have the wisdom we need them to have when putting it all together for the world to see. Thaia

  8. Elaina,
    I wish all the best for you and your recovery, and Congratulations on your appearance with 20/20.

  9. Thanks Elaina for helping get the word out! You go girl!!


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