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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lactaid Deficiency

The final test results and biopsy results came back from my endoscopy. They had said everything was fine, but know I am up against the toughest dieting challenge I think I've ever faced. After trying to reach us for days we finally have learned that the results showed I am lactaid deficient, which is very similar and parralell to lactose intollerent. I now am Lactose free with my diet and trying to fibns things like rice milk, soy cheese, and an alternative to pizza! I didn't realize even bread sometimes had milk in it, this is a big deal but is another challenge for me to beat down.

We believe from some of what we've heard that possibly this is due to the chronic antibiotics I have been on the past year. This would all make sense. If it's not that it could be caused by the Lyme or the co-infections, even possibly something that just simply developed! Hopefully it will get better soon when I see my gastro MD and she prescribes a pill with the digestive enzyme in it that i will take with any dairy food! I am going to see a nutritionist too, hope all goes well there! For now this is my latest update and as i am coming to accept it is another road block that I have to climb over in my path to recovery!