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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Ugly Truth

Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone has noticed this. First of all, we have all been in a wheelchair or done something to call attention to ourselves as sick along this journey. Has anyone noticed that you don't get stared at when you are in a wheelchair? The stereotype is to believe that everyone is looking at you and thinking your weird, oh no! The truth is, when someone see's a young girl/guy in a wheelchair, or anything close, the tend to look away, look down, walk the other direction, or even dash out of your way. Not because they think you're weird, but because they care for the sick. Anyone who did not care would giggle, or laugh, or whisper about you. Int he many experiences I've had in public with either a mask on, or a wheelchair under me, no one has ever once asked me what was wrong, or criticized me! The Ugly Truth is you do what you got to do! Believe me, riding in a wheelchair may be ugly but the truth of the matter is, we are all in it together, you are NOT alone! :-D