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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 10, Update

It's so hard for me to get on here and update sometimes. The Port has been in for 2 months or so at this point, and I'm not doing much better. At points my head is clear and I can do some schoolwork and at times my energy level increases enough to want to work, but this week in particular my lyme is cycling and stress this past weekend has me feeling pretty low. I'm taking my coartem this week, which is a once a month treatment that makes me feel terrible for a week. I'm also doing A Bart as much as possible which hasn't been a regular thing. I had my voice problems and some walking problems on Monday night, probably from over exhaustion. I have been pushing through to work my way up in Civil Air Patrol, start working on building my own hope chest (more like refinishing one) and  also passing in some schoolwork and working my way up to a summer job in case I'm feeling better this summer. So there is plenty going on in my life, and im still struggling. Sometimes it makes you wonder how you are still sane, but one thing is for sure, God will prevail. Recently I prayed a bold prayer for a sign to tell me if I am supposed to be a worship leader or never sing in front of anyone ever again. Needless to say the bold prayers were answered swiftly in the most obvious way, I now have a George Thorogood signed electric guitar sitting in my room. So I'm praying that my upcoming 18th birthday will mark a transition in my 6 years of bad health, and that my adulthood will be freeing and healthy and full of love and good faith! Pray with me everyone, that May 24th 2013 be the difference in my life of pain and suffering, and that I will be surrounded by good luck finally.