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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sudden Onset of Abdominal Pain

Two weeks ago, and I may or may not have posted about this, I was stricken with sudden upper abdominal pain. It grew to the point where I couldn't breathe and stretched the width of my rib cage right beneath my ribs. I have felt a lot of pain in life, with the surgeries and ovarian cysts and all, but I thought that was the worst pain you could possibly feel. My PCP didn't take it seriously as it had passed after about 3 hours and said it could just be an upset stomach. With great frustration I got an ultrasound the next morning and was told that if there was anything on it, we would get a call within 24 hours. A week and half later I assumed it was clear and all was fine. Then I tried to go to bed last night, like any regular night, and it started again. After 35 minutes of it getting worse and worse to the point I could not breathe but a small gasp and I was dizzied with pain worse than the last 'episode'. I finally gathered my pride and woke my mother to beg her to haul me to the ER. We tried to avoid it at all costs but there was no way I could survive any longer, the whole car ride filled with constant moaning and wreathing in pain. I told her to just shoot me and get it over with. Basically the doctor said the ultrasound read that there were gall stones. After doing blood work and a urine test, they sent me home with pain medicine, anti nausea pills, and a puke bucket, and told us to contact my PCP again. This morning I was not able to sleep after getting home at 6 AM, and instead spent the two hours vomiting my brains out in a pink tub on the floor. We rushed to the doctors office to be sent home yet again in no rush. Obviously these doctors have not had gall bladder problems, if this is even gall bladder. I get another ultrasound tomorrow morning and meet with a surgeon on Friday. Hopefully we can get some answers and figure it all out before the end of next week. My birthday is tomorrow and I will be spending it getting up early and being in pain at the hospital getting an ultrasound for the morning. Oh joy, the life of a Lymie.


  1. Hope all goes well at the doctor's office...

  2. Elaina,
    I, too, am a Lyme warrior since May 2010 as well as a Lyme Awareness Advocate. I am currently fighting the many health battles associated with Lyme Borreliosis complex disease.

    Since July 2011 I have experienced progressive GI issues as well as many other body system disorders. I have seen several GI physicians over the past 8 months whom have ordered ultrasounds as well as a colonoscopy but were unsuccessful in figuring out my GI issues.

    Because my Lyme health issues have progressed from stage 2 to stage 3 Lyme Bb complex disease, I traveled to Jemsek Specialty Clinic in Washington, D.C. on May 8, 2012 because I feared that if I did not find the right Lyme physician in time I may be spending the rest of my life either bedridden or wheel chair bound as some Lyme victims do. In March 2012 not only was I dealing with the invasion of Lyme Bb in my gut but now apparently Lyme Bb had also invaded my spinal column resulting in excruciating back pain in my lumbar and thoracic section of my spine that had me bedridden for several weeks. Once I was well enough to travel to Washington DC I made the appointment with Jemsek Specialty Clinic.

    The Jemsek Physician Assistant (Dr. Marjan Ameri) spent approximately 3/12 hours going over all my Lyme history and medical records as well as performing a physical body examination on May 8, 2012. I had intense pain in my gallbladder area during Dr. Ameri's physical examination. Because I had already complained to Dr. Ameri about experiencing a steady gripping or gnawing pain in the upper right abdomen near the rib cage, and bloating after consumption of most any food, Dr. Ameri ordered several lab test as well as a Nuclear Medicine Hepatobilary exam which is generally more accurate in diagnosing gallbladder disease than ultrasounds. Dr. Ameri also commented that many late stage Lyme Bb complex disease victims acquire gallbladder disease.

    The most common symptom of gallbladder disease for Lyme victims is the intermittent pain called biliary colic, which occurs either in the mid- or the right portion of the upper abdomen especially after consuming food. It is also possible that Lyme Bb in its cystic form may block the passageway from the gallbladder to the small intestine and cause acute cholecystitis.

    I hope that your GI or Lyme physician can figure out your GI health issues.

    Knowledge is Power, especially when you are fighting the many battles of Lyme Borreliosis Complex Disease. So continue to share your experiences so others can learn.
    You can email me directly at or to share other lyme experiences. I don’t check email everyday but generally at least once or twice per week.

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