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Thursday, December 8, 2011

My First Job and Civil Air Patrol

Since my last post, I have attended my First Job's Orientation day which started at 8:30 AM and went until 3 PM. I had so much fun meeting my coworkers and touring Gunstock Ski Area. I have no doubt I'm ready for this job and excited to see what will prevail from it. I have about three six-hour shifts a week, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings and that even gives me a day in between to rest and heal. One day I even work inside! And on top of everything, I get a season's ski pass for free, meaning I can ski and race this year. Gunstock should open on the 17th, or maybe even sooner and I'm excited to see how my first day goes. Time to buckle up and meet new people!

Also, I have attended my first two Civil Air Patrol Meetings. CAP is a youth volunteer auxiliary of the Air Force, and they meet every Thursday night. One of these two meetings was there annual holiday party which I attended tonight. There is two other girls in my wing, though I've only met one so far, and she is really nice. The other boys I'm familiar with through my brother's experiences with the CAP for his 4 years of service. He was promoted to Major tonight, a huge accomplishment as he moves on from this specific Wing to bigger and better things with college, and I admire him greatly. He is certainly my role model as I take on the responsibility to rank as fast as possible and catch up to him. My goal with joining the CAP is to concentrate on it's accomplishments and join the Air Guard as I'm graduating High School as a Physical Therapist and get my college paid for in full as well as medical insurance. Time to dream again, and it feels like I'm flying.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Moving Forward

Last Monday I got the clear from my Lyme Doctor and Tailbone Surgeon to move forward with my life. I got a job at Gunstock Ski area and will be starting in mid December. My first orientation is tomorrow! I finished Driver's Education and got my green slip last Tuesday, will be getting my license before my job begins. I started catching back up on World History and Earth Science work i was stuck on, almost completely finishing World History in two days, with higher than stellar marks. I've met a few friends along the way and started hanging out more with the people in my life, including overcoming a break up which was very emotionally challenging. Sickness can mask many feelings that a couple knows should be dealt with, but instead find it easier to just ignore. That was only one small thing I discovered about my new found health. Just last night I went to the Civil Air Patrol wing near me, and decided to join. Civil Air Patrol is a youth volunteer auxiliary of the Air Force and will lead me to being a part of Emergency Services and enlisting when I graduate High School into the Air Guard. I actually auditioned for a school wide talent show with my guitar and voice and made it, so I will be playing in front of the entire school, staff, and any parents or additional on lookers. I am so excited to be branching out to the world and exercising again. I feel alive and free, and at the same time I'm trying to hold myself back so I don't overdo myself because I'm still on the Picc line for my sixth month and coartem for my third month. I could at any point encounter a relapse, but a good friend of mine once said: "The secret to having it all is believing that you already do." (Jill Russel). I Believe I have all the health I need to make it the rest of my life satisfied, but the best part of being a teenager is actually being a teenager, so I'm eager to embrace this era.