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Friday, February 3, 2012

Civil Air Patrol Cadet Promotion

It's been a successful first month with the Civil Air Patrol. I am now officially a member, and have taken all my tests and received my first promotion. I am a Cadet Airman now, next stop Airman First Class. Every promotion has a few requirements. From now on there will be a leadership chapter test, an aerospace chapter test, a physical fitness test, and/or other activities and progressions among the squadron. I have been released from the Physical Fitness tests and training nights because of my PICC line and joint problems. I have recovered mostly from my tailbone surgery, but it's still painful to do sit ups. I have slowly started running but its more like low impact jogging. I almost fainted at the promotion ceremony last night while standing at attention for 30 minutes. So as well as I've been doing there is still some need for improvement. My goal is to be a first Lieutenant by the summer of 2013 so I can have my Mitchell Award by Graduation. I also have other things to be keeping up with, but Civil Air Patrol is my main concern right now. It will be so neat to say that I overcame Chronic Lyme to have the chance to get my doctorates in Physical Therapy and be established in the Air Force NH Guard. Now that's going to be an accomplishment.

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