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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 2

Today was a busy out straight day. Like most of my days, I didn't have time to take my medicine, pack a gluten free lunch and dinner, get sleep and still eat a healthy breakfast, or even take a couple minutes to close my eyes and think. I drove my parents around Laconia, running a few errands and attending half of the Lyme 411 Support Group meeting. At the meeting I met a fellow young girl with Lyme and smell sensibilities. I did not realize how sensitive people can be to scents like perfumes and cleaning solutions. It's another invisible symptom of Lyme Disease that many don't care to recognize. I rushed my parents back home and sped to work, not even enough time to fill my water bottle so I'd stay hydrated. I arrived late, and still all the handicap parking was full so I had to forget the placard that I still have until the end of this month and park a mile out, practically running to clock in. Then I made my way to the basket room where I work half the time and told myself I wasn't hungry. After all I was late, there was a line, and I didn't have time to eat even if I went to get the food. So I jumped right in, answering phone calls, collecting bags, logging lost items, and completely spacing the fact that I forgot my sneakers in the car. After two hours I was hungry and thirsty, beginning the stages of being dizzy and lightheaded. Four hours in my entire back and down my legs hurt from the decorative boots I was wearing and my head screamed at me to just sit down. Five hours in I splurged on a cheeseburger and some chocolate pudding, shutting my head up and killing my stomach at the same time. I left work after six hours of strategically catching as much sitting time as I could and ignoring the elbow and knee pain. A member of security drove me to the back parking lot to retrieve my car and I made my way home. I just finished off that pudding and it was very good, though I know tomorrow I will wake up with the same familiar headache and lots of abdominal pain. I'll probably toss and turn tonight and need to drink a glass of magnesium tomorrow just to make it through the next 24 hours, but I'll survive. I just can't wait to put on some comfy clothes, and set my alarm for 8 am. I can't believe I still have to brave the shower either tonight or tomorrow. Its a regular activity for many but its an hour and a half of wrapping my arm in plastic wrap and medical tape and getting help to scrub my hair since I can't bend my elbows or get my Picc line(IV) wet. I end up getting out of the steamy heat and feeling like collapsing because of the nausea and fatigue it creates. Lyme doesn't like heat, and it makes you feel like a vegetable when you spend too much time in it. Thankfully my mother is there to help me and I'll get out alive no matter how questionable I feel half way through the process. The hardest part now is to figure out whether to take it after such a long day when all I want to do is sleep or beginning tomorrow which might drain my day's energy. I've gotten up to take showers in the middle of the night because of this reason, then I get a little rest and I still get more before the next day. For tonight I'm just going to get ready for bed and embrace the opportunity for that free clean feeling tomorrow. Goodnight world.

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  1. I'm sorry we didn't prepare better for your work. You need food and meds and water.....


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