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Thursday, February 16, 2012

7 Day Challenge

For the next seven days, starting tomorrow, I have decided to post about the days events in hopes to open the eyes of many people into what my current life consists of. People think they know me, they think the smile and strength, the passive personality, the understanding, that it's all natural to me. Having a chronic illness changes your perspective of life, matures you a bit, and brings you to a point of many different skills than ever imagined. However, no healthy person can understand the courage it takes to face each day, keep smiling, and work through problems that I don't even have the energy to comprehend. I hope quite a few people, fellow lyme advocates and sufferers, friends, even family will check in to catch a 15 minute glimpse of what the true me is going through. I'm ready to expose the bare truth and open eyes and hearts up to the unknown.

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