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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Post Surgery Check Up, Non Lyme Friendly PCP

Yesterday I went for my post surgery check ups. First up to bat was my PCP. Believe me, I wish I had a bat. She was bent nosed about the fact that I was feeling better from the gall bladder removal. She was the one who thought it was indigestion, I told her it was worse than that, hmm. The patient is ALWAYS right. The first thing she said upon entering the room was 'So, you're all better now?' with more sarcasm than I could believe. So I responded with how my stomach was feeling a lot better, virtually no pain. Told her that I came off of the Yaz because it was causing severe suicidal type depression and anxiety and not helping the cramps or acne or cyst pain. Instead I just bled every two weeks. She didn't have any comment about that. Then I told her about my heart rate averaging about 120 and 100 at rest. Informed her that I started adrenal supplement to help with tachycardia symptoms and fatigue. She responded with 'So you're just adding another medicine then?'

With all the patience in the world I tried to ignore the comments and sarcasm, in her tone of voice, and asked if she knew anything further about disability. Our meeting ended with her replying that she knew nothing about disability or the prerequisites for applying and she didn't think I needed disability, and instead I need to just 'get up and do schoolwork' because that will make it all better. Supposedly I don't need to drive or be on car insurance either, because it's not anything of concern to her that I wouldn't make it to half my appointments without my license. General consensus, she does NOT understand, wants nothing to do with the Lyme, does not believe I need disability, and treats me like a psychopath when my mother is not at the appointment.

My appointment with the surgeon went great though! Tajammul Shafique is by far the best doctor I have ever seen in my entire life. The nurse got me flowers and they all talked to me like they were my best friends! Dr. Shafique agreed that the surgery appears to have been a success and I don't need to return for any more appointments. For anyone that needs a surgeon: Dr. Shafique through LRGH in Laconia, NH or Gilford, NH Is the way to go! He revived the medical field in my eyes after a rough morning with a non friendly doctor.


  1. That's terrible that your PCP treated you like that. Will you be looking for a more understanding one?

    I'm glad that your surgery went well. How did you know that your gallbladder was not functioning well? Did you have a lot of pain? Were your liver enzymes abnormal for no reason?

    Good luck with your new support group, I hope they are helpful to both the teens and their parents. One was started in my area, but due to low response, it's taking a break for a while.

    1. We are trying to find another PCP, yes. I knew it was my gall bladder because I had 2 ultrasounds with stones, but it was mostly the sudden onset of pain and feeling out of breath. They weren't abnormal actually, that has been something off and on through my treatment. Thanks so much, I hope the support group works too.


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