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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Post Surgery Recovery, Lyme Symptoms After Clindamycin

The count up is in full swing. Today is 12 days post surgery, and this post will be a full blown analysis of my symptoms. Too many people have asked how the surgery has affected my Lyme symptoms and vice versa, and I'd like to quench everyone's thirst for more answers. Surgery is a traumatic experience for the body, nervous system and immune system. There's many characteristics of me being someone with auto immune dysfunction that affect my recovery. First of all, I'm on an IV medication that's trying to treat my symptoms of fatigue, depression, anxiety, joint pain, muscle spasms and weakness, headaches, hot and cold flashes/sweats, insomnia, light and sound sensitivity, and so much more. Charting my progression of those symptoms is more difficult over the course of my first month of this treatment when you are adding digestion irritation from pain killers, fatigue from the narcotics and trauma induced with surgery, and of course worsened headaches from stomach pain, fatigue, narcotics, etc. It's a snowball effect caused by the initial problem, the tick borne illnesses! My gall bladder probably worked fine before Lyme and Bartonella's treatment of Rocephin through IV clogged it up. I may have never needed surgery to remove it if I hadn't introduced Rocephin due to the Lyme. What a cycle.

Another thing to keep in mind is that I have experienced prolonged adhesive sensitivity since the IV treatment. I could have had it sooner and just not noticed until my skin was red and itchy from the IV dressing. I have since used an IV 3000 dressing to reduce the allergy and been fine in the Picc Line area. However, the band aids and dressings for the stomach incisions caused worse pain and irritation than the incision itself did. What a mess! Below is a picture of the four incisions, three of them surrounded by bright red almost welted skin where the adhesive touched. As of today I decided to not use any band aids to reduce those problems. In a week I'll get another picture of my stomach and how the scars are coming along.

On top of all that I have been found to scar hypertrophically, an uncommon way that the body can scar for some people where the skin over the scar is raised and red and firm unless manually softened with therapy and vitamin E based applications. Hyper trophic scars are not common for everyone, but are similar to scar tissue build up that can cause nerve pain and experienced by many Lyme patients whose immune system is affected. (

Last but certainly not least is the risk after surgery of infection that can be fatal, thanks to the low immune system Lyme gives somebody. I was concerned about this but seeing as they glued my incision closed and I didn't get the dressing wet enough to change it every day, It lessened exposure to the air and I have been able to keep the stomach clean and dry. There is a little bruising near my belly button but it's looking good and smooth. As far as the Bartonella and Lyme symptoms go, I slept literally all day yesterday and caught up on much needed rest from the past two weeks of stress on my body. Today I am more energized and appreciating my sublingual b-12 in 5,000 mg tabs That significantly increase my general well feeling. I have rested, made sure to keep up with my medicines, and taken magnesium and b12 daily. Those are the only two natural supplements that I notice a difference with. I sleep better, wake up happier, have more energy, fight less depression, and feel lighter. On the Clindamycin, I have recognized a noticeably clearer ability to process, think, and concentrate. I am still working on the memory and motivation, but that will take time and rest. I have started reading more to wake my brain back up and we are looking into a tutor to generalize my needs and get my education back on track. We are also probably applying to disability since I can't work and do school and get better. I'm just not a super woman yet.

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