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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lyme Disease Conference and New Book to Read

I forgot to put a post on how the Lyme Disease Conference in Laconia went! Nancy Bourassa did a great job and I got to see Violet Snook's new book that she wrote on epilepsy and Lyme Disease. She is leaving Friday to spend 3 weeks in Pennsylvania training with her new seizure alert dog. I think it's a great experience for her! Just bought a copy of it today, it's called 'Behind the Artists Eyes'.

At the conference, I got to see many familiar faces and listen to Julia Greenspan speak about the connections of Lyme being worse for females than males. Different body types, attitudes, genders, and even races process things differently from one another, including how to combat and respond to the Lyme bacteria. All the speakers did a great job, I had to leave before hearing the last one speak which was my own MD, as I wasn't feeling well. I was in the wheelchair struggling to perform the maneuvers necessary to step forward for the following two days afterwards, until I had the gall bladder attack the second time and ended up in the hospital. Thankfully I'd been walking that day so I didn't show up to the hospital in a wheelchair and have to explain that. They actually used my Picc line for the first time to draw blood and give IV infusion of medications which made me so happy.

So seeing as this post has been sort of all over the place, back to the main point. Here are some pictures of me at the Lyme Conference interacting and gaining even more valuable relationships. In one picture, I am being recognized as the 'Famous 20/20 girl' in front of the crowd. The others were with fellow Lyme inflicted people and of course, the first one with the boyfriend I got into a Lime green shirt. :)

My good friend Cathy!

Lime green toe nail polish, sharing is caring.

Entrance way, greeting new people.

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