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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Partners in Health and Teen Lyme Support Group

In New Hampshire, there is a program divided by communities for children with Chronic Illnesses. Lyme has recently been included in the definition 'chronic' and this program now includes me in their activities and offers me assistance. They are waiting for some paperwork back from my Lyme doctor but aside from that they will be able to provide a lot of help to me with disability, medical bills, recreational activities, and the new Teen Lyme Support Group they are starting for the Lakes Region. I was going to start a support group for teenagers and I may have posted on here about it before, but I was always too sick to initiate it. Now Partners in Health has secured a nice comfy room for us to all get together for two hours twice a month on Saturday Mornings. The plan is to call it the 'Lyme Lounge', and it will be a laid back support group type gathering on the first and third Saturdays of each month. On the third Saturdays, every other meeting, the parents can leave and go to the Lyme Support group at the Laconia Middle school for the time frame which would be 11am-1pm. That way us girls can have some time alone and get to really open up and the parents can connect as well. I really hope it becomes successful because a lot more people need to be educated about Lyme before this world really 'gets' it. I have been elected spokesperson for the group and I attend family council meetings to share how it's going and what may need improvement and will also be attending what is called the 'YAEH council'? It is supposed to get children active on educating the world around them on what it's like to be chronically ill. These few things should get me to where I want to be, advocating for teenagers disabled by autoimmune diseases.

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