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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Horse Show

On day 10 after Gall Bladder surgery I was up early and gathering my gear for my first horse show of the season. It wasn't a horse show like many, because this was a MINIATURE horse show and you don't ride minis! All the animals were beautified for the weeks ahead of the show and the day before and day of they were perfected for the ring and judges eyes! Showing is something I'm allowed to do with the miniature barn I'm allowed to visit frequently and help out at. Me and the owner, Wanda, have a great connection and we are like family! 'My horse', Miracle, is a mini that she keeps at her barn and lets me see as often as I need or want to. If I'm feeling well I'll try to be there twice a week or more, cleaning out the barn, refilling water buckets, taking the babies for walks to get them used to halters and brushing down any in my path. There's quite a few of them, at one point close to 40 of them!

The show went well, I stayed in the shade, tried to remember to relax, and went in three classes. A show is split up into multiple classes where the judge looks for different things in each class and judges accordingly. You can enter more than one in a day, and enter different classes with different horses. In the last classes of the day, called Liberty, you have 1:30 to dance with the horse to music of your choice without touching them with the whip, while the judge looks for teamwork, enthusiasm, changes in gaits (speeds) and directions, and the animals cooperation. You then have 3 minutes to get the halter on the horse and lead them out. Miracle ran for the majority of the class, more than she usually does or ever has before, switching directions even though not as frequently as I wished. At the end she ran right to me playfully taking another lap and putting her head into the halter for me. Talk about teamwork. The video will be on my mother's youtube channel (alagash98) and probably on my facebook accounts as well.

Heres a picture of me and my best bud waiting for class #2, and some of us just chilling!

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