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Friday, July 6, 2012

Minocin, Omnicef, Plaquenil, and Clindamycin

My lyme doctor has yet again switched up my protocol a bit. This time it's purpose is to get me back on some medicine that will combat the Bartonella in all it's forms. Minocin is a doxycycline type medicine that is used to treat lyme and is one of the first medications used in most peoples treatment. I have never been on doxy, but this is my 3rd time on Minocycline known as minocin. We just started the Minocin and Plaquenil two days ago and I have been on the Omnicef and IV Clindamycin for atleast  a few months. This is my thirteenth month on IV Medication, technically twelfth month since I took April off. Only two have been on Clindamycin and they have been the best two months yet. I am on my third month now and feeling pretty good. Coming off of the Yaz/Gianvi has straightened out a lot of depression symptoms, and coming off of Elavil/Amitriptyline helped my heart rate and dizzy spells. I am on an adrenal support supplement, powder magnesium, Co-Q 10 and sub-lingual b-12 to help with energy and detoxing. The grand scheme of things is hard on my stomach, but you can get a lot of this stuff that is drinkable and dissolves in your mouth to lighten the load on the gut, and increase the efficiency of the supplements. I am more energetic, cleaning around the house and getting out more. If my memory was not still blocked I would even be clear enough to start catching up on schoolwork and finishing my Biology and Spanish from Sophomore year. I am going to start a Physical Education class online to start doing something to get me back on track, and now that my visiting family has left and things have calmed down (see 'Half Brother for Christmas'), I can concentrate more on getting myself back into life. I still need to rest and take it easy, but I have even gone as far as starting to run every other day!

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