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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another Month

Overdone, tired, shaken, and stirred, my body has made it another month. I've pushed through to do certain activities, still in the wheelchair with no leg strength, and have just increasingly worsened. Last weekend was the Lyme Conference for our support group, the only in our area, and many doctors and sick and even healthy people came to help and learn together. I made buttons for the support group, rounding up a few helpless souls, whom all regretted the process, to assist me with the tedious task. It was back breaking work, and really wore me out. Even our goal of 500 was not met, we skimmed by to 300 buttons. The conference had a long day, and by the end, I was hauled out of their shaking really bad. Pushing it yet again so hard was what threw me over the edge again. That night I started autism like symptoms, so bad I can barely type this update. My mouth is non stop, and my brain is off the walls. I cant concentrate, and I have a crazy way of communicating now. My voice is weird, almost like an accent, and I am repeating everything multiple times. I would like to go see Dr. Jones like I've been told I should so many times, but his office is full. However he recommended we see a Dr. in Vermont who would consult with him and maybe take my insurance. I already met the Dr. at the conference and listened to him talk. He saw me in the wheelchair, shaking at the end, and insisted he'd be able to rush us in this week. Today I saw the neurologist, a brain Dr. who was not Lyme friendly, and he suggested this is serious and to hospitalize me at a children's center at either Boston or Dartmouth. He's worried that he can't assist me. However, those two hospitals are not very open to the Disease in it's Chronic form so it would be a battle. Right now we are trying magnetic therapy and other physical and occupational therapies to help out, and my mom is making me an appointment with the recommended Lyme Specialist. We shall see what he thinks for treatment.

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