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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Miracle For Inspiration

On Monday, June 6, I awoke to a miracle. The clearest mind in a long time led to a discovery, I could control my legs. It wasn't diet, or new medicines, or anything really other than God's grace and the almighty power of prayer that put me on my feet again. One leg still pushes inwards and causes a limp with some knee pain, and after a few days of walking and exercising and shocked witnesses of my amazing improvement, my calves are incredibly sore. My physical therapist and everyone else I've crossed is amazed, and I came across one woman today whom I met in the waiting room at therapy. She got a brain injury while riding a four wheeler and went from EMT to dependent on God's strength to get her by. This 40 year old lady informed me today that if not for me, she wouldn't be working so hard to still complete her physical therapy and improve and progress from her brain injury. This was so awesome to me, a tear filled woman who was struggling day by day, inspired from a unique 16 year old disabled suddenly by Lyme and raised back up by the Lord's hand only. If there is anything that this past month of hell and depression, weakness and trial, suffering and disappointment would be worthwhile for, it would be the inspiration of one kind, lost soul, on her way back up a mountain of deceit, and using me for her motivation. I couldn't ask for more, and if nothing else comes from this past month I have embraced, I will be okay with just that one thought.

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