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Friday, June 24, 2011

Roller Coaster Ride

So to sum up the past few weeks here is the sequence of events:

After the Monday I awoke walking, I had 5 really good days (which I don't remember I must add). The Friday of that week I went to my brother's graduation and spoke with a reporter from the newspaper and shocked everyone with my ability to walk. That night I started to feel really tired, and I splurged on some cake and ice cream, which led to stomach pain. I crashed into bed that night feeling so tired I didn't even want to breathe anymore.

Saturday I woke up and pushed through enjoying my family's company from Georgia. I had not seen my grandfather in years and I was anxious to enjoy the last day of his company feeling well. That afternoon the head shaking and Canadian/German accent started coming back, and plagued me the rest of the evening (I must add yet again, I don't remember any of my visit with my Grandfather now. I guess 'Lyme Brain' is a more serious term than I imagined). So that evening my mom dragged me back and forth to the bathroom and  force fed me Gluten Free tacos, which aren't actually that bad, but I prefer the real stuff.

That set the pace for the next week. I woke up, felt fine, spoke with my usual Yankee American accent. I ate Gluten/Casein free breakfast and sometimes even lunch with my righteous pill meals before the shaking and voice changes came back. The worst part of the week was that I could get through hours of schoolwork with the clarity of the AM, and end my day completely near unconscious.

Physical Therapy witnessed a lot of great improvement. It was amazing how fast my improvement could backslide in just 15 minutes. I visited my GI (stomach) specialist who shared a definitive positive Casein allergy, deciding that I can't even have lactose free milk, only soy or nut products.

Friday, June 17, 2011- A long day led to my boyfriend's graduation (which, let me add for safe measure, I also, sadly, cannot remember). I got home from the graduation and collapsed into bed. I don't even remember  what happened but I'm told I collapsed face down and couldn't even talk clearly. The next morning I was fine until after breakfast. I was back in the wheelchair and barely managed to brush my teeth before collapsing onto my lap unable to even hold my head up and mumbling to everyone. My mom decided finally it was time for a visit to the ER to double check and rule out other serious things that could be causing the neuropathy.
( To be continued in 'Hospitals From Hell')

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