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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Diet

The Doctor prescribed a Gluten/Casein Free diet on top of my Lactose/Caffeine free diet. Gluten is a protein in wheat products (wheat, rye, oats, barley), commonly avoided in Celiac Disease. There is a small selection of Gluten- free made products, treated for the Gluten, such as Pita breads, Organic salsas and dips and ranches, specific chips and breakfast foods, etc. There are also a few foods without gluten that can be consumed with careful attention to the Nutrition label (yeah, remember where that is? That little hope killer on the back of packages....).  Corn chips have no gluten or wheat products, neither do meats, and most dairy products. If you are taking just a gluten free diet than you have still a fairly wide variety of substitutes, etc. Casein is a product for preservation of dairy products. It is in all dairy products, unless they are specially labeled otherwise or labeled for vegan use. Casein is a broader spectrum to avoid then Lactose, and can be labeled as a 'caseinate' or 'milk protein'. Its often avoided with gluten free diets in Lyme or Autism. Lactose is sugar naturally found in milk and dairy products. These products can be treated for the lactose and therefor called 'lactose free' and there are special ice creams and milks and even cheeses for this purpose, but mostly you can drink soy and almond milks as in a casein free diet. Lactose is commonly avoided in lactose intolerance or lactase deficiency, where the body cant break down the sugar. That can usually be taken care with a 'lactose' pill that substitutes the ability to break it down in the intestine track. Caffeine is a preservative and chemical put into most soda and tea products that gives you energy and some flavor. Caffeine along with Casein, and Gluten are very inflammatory foods for the digestive system, and can be feeding the Lyme Disease and giving it fuel to fire. Caffeine is not in most lemonades, orange sodas, caffeine free sodas, or caffeine free teas. Be careful to avoid this disgusting toxin as well as fake sugars in candy and gum (or artificial sweeteners in some bottled drinks and juices) Diets can seriously improve treatment of many diseases, even cancer, and can increase overall health and energy. I hope you appreciate the information! :)

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  1. There are always foods with Splenda or Stevia that help to increase the number of foods available when the things that you are trying to avoid are in 98% of the things that you eat! :-p


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