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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

2nd sleep study

This post is about the second sleep study I went back for. It was hard on me to drag my tired body all the way to Dartmouth, a 1 1/2 hour drive! but I didn't have a choice. When I got there I was proud to discover I had the same night tech as last time, and this time he even hooked me up. He showed me how to use the mask, and what it did. It made me look funny... really funny. I thought it was okay at first. As I lie down and tried to sleep, after about 2 hours I discovered that I had forgotten my bedtime pills, I was hungry, Thirsty, needed a straw and some water, and I had to use the bathroom. Might as well get it all in at one pit stop. I also had to change the mask, it was killing my nose. All night long I slept maybe about 4 hours, and went through at least 6/7 masks. They all hurt my nose, and were very uncomfortable. Plus I was in a different environment, my bed was not elevated as it is at home for my acid reflux, and I was hooked up so tightly I couldn't move a muscle, or at least that's what it felt like. It was also very creepy that this guy was watching my every move through a camera, and I could hear it zooming in and out...... Freaky!

At least my mom slept well. even though she was right next to me in a tiny bed that was hard as a rock, I could hear her snoring all night long. Or pretty much all night. Whenever Wayne(night Technician) would come in she'd get up. I was surprised that she slept at all, when she woke in the morning to tell me how uncomfortable she was, may I add I was pretty jealous, I told her she slept just fine, and I don't think I slept any REMs. So I woke early, did the traditional tech test, make sure everything was working. I got ready for the day, scrubbed the gook off my body and out of my hair....Yucky stuff, I have to admit.

I was suppose to get my c-pap machine within a week. Here I am later and they say the insurance company is not approving it yet. I will have mine set at level of pressure 6. It's going to be prescribed ASAP and when I get it I'll go back to the sleep MD for a little check-up. My life is so incredibly busy, even though I am so fatigued, it still goes on.

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