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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Igenex Western Blot Test Results

I'd like to point out that according to my LLMD, when your immune system is supressed by Lyme which can be evident with CD57 blood test (mine is 28;normal is 60-360) that you are not making the antibodies that the WB is looking for. This leads to a lot of false negatives.

Igenex Interpretation is based on internal validation studies. by Igenex criteria, IgM Western Blot is considered positive if 2 or more of the doubled starred bands below are present. By CDC/NYS criteria, IgM WB is reported positive if 2 of the following bands are present: 23-25, 39, 41. The CDC/NYS refuses to allow the labs to report band 31 and 34 because they were used to make the vaccine, which was only on the market a short time (people got sick so it was removed). Obviously, I haven't had the vaccine, so the reporting of these bands are imperative. The CDC/NYS decided that these were the most common bands, therefore designing a vaccine with them. The thing is that now they are not included in test results, by the request of ignorant groups. Since diagnosis by positive test results is so important to ill people, a literate MD and good test results (mine were good through Igenix, they include the bands.) are needed so we can get correct treatment. Make Sense?

Igenex IGM Result = Positive
CdC/NYS Result = Negative (if band 39 were a positive, I would be CDC Positive)

kDa. 18 Neg
22 Neg
**23-25 Neg
28 Neg
30 Neg
**31 Pos++
** 34 Neg
**39 IND(Means something is there, but not enough to call positive, but not negative)
**41 Positive +++
45 Neg
58 Positive +
66 Neg
73 Neg
**83-93 Neg
Igenex IGG Result = Negative The IGM antibodies turn into the IGG antibodies over long exposure. Indicates a long time infection.
CDC/NYS Result = Negative
** 39 Indeterminate
**41 Positive +++
All others Negative


  1. Elaina,
    I am 24 years old and also a fellow Lyme sufferer. My test came back negative as well when I took it last year. I've had Lyme for most of my life. My mother says I had bulls-eye marks on me when I was eight years old, and experienced a high fever and chills. My mom suspected Lyme, but the doctors did not want to hear it. They treated me for two weeks only, and I was better. But I suffered strange and seemingly unrelated symptoms ever since. I have felt for a long time now that something was not right, but it did not progress until about a year ago. It's been truly awful! I have memory issues, cognitive and neurological issues, severe migraines, extreme fatigue, twitching, bouts of extreme depression and/or anxiety, a heart murmur, trouble with yeast, bacterial and urinary tract infections, and difficulty processing things especially when people are speaking to me. The pain has been unbearable for me. It seems pain is a huge problem for you too. I wanted to share with you something that helped me tremendously, it's a drug called Lyrica. It is not a painkiller, I believe it's mainly used as an anti-psychotic. It's been my little lifesaver! Without it, I would not be able to function. Please, speak to your doctor and hopefully this can help you!

    All the best to you!
    Blessed Be!
    ~ Shae

  2. I just got my CD57 results back. I am at 25. I've been suspecting Lyme disease for about 6 months but had to go through all the specialist first to rule out anything else (well I didn't have to, but nobody but ONE of my friends that I had Lyme). Next week I'm going for the Igenex test ... this will be interesting to see the results and compare against what you've provide.d thanks!


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