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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Latest Visit to my Pediatrician

Hello Again. I caught a minute so I thought I'd tell the today news. I went to see my traditional PCP. Not the one that I had in the very beginning but the one I have now, the one I haven't spoke with since the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme started almost four months ago. She gave me my last Gardasil shot and was told about the C-pap machine and how my insurance company, medicaid, denied it for so long. She was really stumped, until I explained about the call we received from Dr. Grant, the Sleep Dr. He basically explained how he wrote an informative letter explaining the long term affects of sleep apnea, even if it is mild, and how much more money that will cost them in the long run if I don't start treating it immediately. I was so happy that he was that intelligent! After all, we were never on the same page about the Lyme and probably never will be, EVER! So I was happy he was willing to stick up for me. Two Claps for Dr. Grant!(later on I figured out it was all PB+J and the letter was ludicrous!)

I also followed up with her on my symptoms, the medications I am currently taking, my soothing solution to stomach issues on ABX long term. She truly thought that I would be done the ABX (antibiotics) by now, since it has been long past the regular 2/3 weeks. I understand that that is her usual guidelines that she knows for ABX, but I simply will explain that when I have had Lyme for an extended time, the Protocol is separate from catching it with the rash in the beginning. I have no worries if there will be a confrontation on this issue in the future, many say I am armed with knowledge!

For those in the Same situation with a non-believing PCP, just understand that they do not know, the do not care, and it is very hard to breech the barrier of what they learned in Medical school and worked so hard to master. They are delicate like a wilting flower and we must nurture their knowledge, not force them to relearn. With great nurturing the mind will start to bloom again and see fully what we mean, so just stick with them because as my mom says: we are paving the way for future Lyme Patients of that physician.

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