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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let's Try again!

I decided I wanted to read again. I have been held back from my hobby of sitting down and dusting through a good horse book, and I simply picked up chicken soup for the horse lover's soul and struggled through the stories, one by one last night. I got through maybe 10/11 pages before I stopped, and figured out it took me over an hour. That is a long time for me. I used to swiftly slide page by page and finish 1/2 a book in a little over an hour. I definitely could notice some trouble and delay, but today I shall pick the book up again and not let reading be one of my many weaknesses, but one of my talents. I love to read which has helped me get so far in school. I was upset in the beginning almost a year ago when my head hurt too bad for me to finish my book. So I guess we can consider this as an improvement. I have not come far, but once I got over the rocky hill of headaches and migraines through last week, my head has hurt less than ever, just the tiniest of headaches. My whole body still hurts, and my brain is exhausted, but to pick up a book again is too nice to let this moment slip by.

It is important when you are robbed of all your hobbies, sports, talents, and health that you let yourself slowly feel back those past times. For me it was reading, soccer, and schooling. When my headaches started with Lyme I couldn't continue any of it, and my organizational skills slipped as well. Now I try hard every day to just struggle through reading something, and to pick up my home school and accomplish my days work. So much for soccer though, now I have the horseback riding to lift me up again. If you feel the way I do then pick up something you used to do rapidly and love doing. Together we can slowly pick up the pieces of a crumbled life and work through a puzzling situation. If you cannot do what you loved to do, then find something new. Something that you can feel hope with, and accomplishment. Scrap booking, Beading, writing in a journal, even creating things with Lego's. Everything we can manage is an accomplishment and a corner stone for health!
I am still no less tired but I look at a small improvement and feel hope. Please feel hope along with me. I pray hard that I'll wake up and not have a headache... after so long. pray with me, because that is where my strength comes from.

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