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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back

After four weeks of being on IV Doxycycline, the last medication left I had to try for IV, I still felt no better. My memory betrays me just as it does those around me, and I forget the exact reason why I stopped IV Doxy. I remember a phone call with the nurse at the doctor's office saying it would be best to stop the medicine, maybe from me still not improving? They wanted me to start back on Mepron for the month, and I only remembered to take the yellow paint-like liquid once. In fact for almost an entire month I completely forgot probiotics, Nystatin, B12, and Magnesium which are all important supplements I take to help me get through from day to day. I was told to wait another month and see if just the Clindamycin would do anything, however I knew in my heart that it wouldn't. Why sound so pessimistic? Well, I know I've been on the medication in the past, two separate times. I know that once you do a medication seriously and then stop, the bacteria tends to seem more immune to the substance in the future. Some argue that fact with the idea of pulse therapy where you start the medication for a short bit of time, then stop it long enough for the bacteria to be caught off guard when you restart two weeks later. Pulse therapy is a very common treatment plan used by New York specialist Dr. Horrowitz, I believe, not something that ever worked in my situation. For some people, those more sensitive to medication changes that feel Herx type reactions with treatment, Pulse therapy can be the difference in successful treatment. I have always been difficult to treat, with a poorly absorbing stomach and impossible Lyme symptoms. Very few medications made me feel a possible Herx, and very very few made me feel better. There was a total of two summers I did very well with no rhyme or reason, and I am beginning to think it was more heat and mild weather related than it was medications. Beside all of that, I also know that the second time I tried Clindamycin back in the spring, I felt no effect from it. My main hope in my treatment after leaving my LLMD's office was for the Iv Doxycycline, keeping at the forefront of my mind its effectiveness in treating Lyme and Coinfections like Bartonella and Babesia, both I'm suspected to have. For now I slowly decline until I see my Doctor again, dealing with other issues in my personal life, and trying to survive a more normal life as a student and part time employee.

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