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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Planet Fitness, Starting Out!

After months of deliberation I decided that living in New Hampshire is not conducive to a work-out friendly outdoor environment. My friend Rose and I had wanted to start getting active again. I wanted to raise my serotonin and fight depression, anxiety, and fatigue while strengthening my legs for horseback riding and skiing. She wanted to lose weight and gain strength for military goals. We have both finally signed up for the planet fitness black card and decided to split the $20 per month price. It has been almost a month of exercising, and though I have had some problems between my heart rate and liver, and even some magnesium deficiency I can truly say I have made the right decision. I go late at night typically, and as much as possible. Every day is difficult since she has school and I have a chronic illness and also work and classes at night, but I manage to push through a lot of obstacles to get to the gym for an hour or two. Already after a few short weeks I have increased my weights with my lower body from 30 pounds to 90 pounds. I do 15 repetitions, 3 to 4 sets if I can and only after 15 minutes of stretching and 15 minutes of a walk/jog on an incline to warm my muscles up. It is not easy for me, as my body hurts and arthritis flares in the winter months, but improvement is really important. If I can improve every three weeks at this rate, I will notice a huge difference in 3 months time and be conquering my leg workouts with at least 150 pounds and a 10 minute jog. These are realistic goals, and important for my future coping strategies with my disease. Being able to bring my friend along with me and have us help each other out is that much better, because 75% of what's tough about going to the gym is GOING TO the gym. Once you get there you're golden!

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