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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Body as Pandora's Box, New Cardio Symptoms

One thing I learned really quickly to appreciate about life is that it has never been something that has gotten boring for me. I have always been to a point where everything seems like a plateau that lasts only a short time, then a turn of events either ends me in a free fall toward earth or on a cloud somewhere embracing greatness. My most recent turn of events starting off the 2014 year were nothing fluffy and pretty and cloud like at all. It all started with my new gym routine. I noticed my first day of working out that my heart rate jumped up to 205 and all I was doing was a gentle incline at a walk on the treadmill. That level of bpm is not healthy, but I didn't know any different at first. I continued to return each day with my friend Rose, simply doing some stretches then a walk for about 15 minutes, and occasionally picking up an additional 15 minutes on the stationary bikes. Still my heart rate according the the hand sensors on the equipment was around 200 or more each workout. After a few days of this I began bringing it up in conversation with people I had known for years, the type of people that might as well own the gym because they are there so often and have worked out enough. They kept commenting on how their heart rate at  a full run never exceeds 180 and I should be cautious. I researched the typical target heart rate for someone engaging in cardio strengthening exercise at my age and weight, and all the figures said I should aim for around 170 bpm. How could I control that, if my heart rate skyrocketed at just a walk? After about a week and connecting the dots I called up my Primary Care Physician who scheduled me for an appointment that week, with concern for worse problems. After checking me out in the office and hearing a normal heart at a calm pace of 80 beats per minute, she performed an ekg and decided to refer me to a Cardiologist to double check what could be happening, and ordered a 24 hour halter monitor. Within five days I was receiving a call from my Lyme Specialist's office. The blood work I had drawn every Monday while on IV medications came back abnormal, with liver function levels double the suggested range. Immediately the LLMD stopped all antibiotic treatment for a week, prescribing Milk Thistle for liver cleansing and telling me to keep hydrated. After a week I returned to the lab yesterday to recheck the levels. I'm still waiting for the results to come back about that test while I reschedule work tomorrow so I can make it to my Cardiologist appointment. All of these things add up to a hurting, nauseas, declining, forgetful young girl who still is pushing through for friends, the gym, school, work, volunteer activities, and last but certainly not least, horses. By the end of the week I will have a better idea of what the plan is for my treatment and coping strategies, and hopefully my LLMD will set my mind at ease next Wednesday when I see him.

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