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Friday, February 7, 2014

Result of the Cardiologist Appointment

I had my Cardiologist appointment yesterday and I must say, I had the best appointment possible. The specialist was incredibly compassionate and understanding, hearing me out about the fact I suffer from Lyme Disease and have been on and off of treatment for 5 years and on IV antibiotics currently, even acknowledging the port and saying the two magical words: 'I understand'. He seemed to have a few different ideas of my prognosis, and wanted to run a few more tests to see what is going on. He believed me, listened, explained everything fully, and held eye contact. These are difficult traits to have with a consultation appointment nowadays with the medical field feeling entitled and sidetracked, calling every patient a drug seeker or hypochondriac. However Dr. Lootens of Concord Cardiology was not the cookie cutter physician. He was amazing, and I'm excited to work with him on figuring out my high heart rate and heart palpitations. Currently I had a 24 hour Holter monitor on to record my heart rhythm through everyday activities, which I return in a few hours and wait a week for the results. Next Wednesday morning I have a Echo Cardiogram where they will ultrasound the structure of my heart and cancel out the possibility of physical defects. These two tests should answer a lot of questions, and if needed we can try to push the insurance company to cover the new 2 week Zio monitor, a silicome patch on the chest that is waterproof and adhered on, measuring the heart and blood pressure for two weeks straight to give a better picture of the possible problems. The hope is to find something that does not require a long term treatment. There must be something going on, as I have suffered palpitations for almost 2 years and my heart rate can reach 200 bpm with a simple moderately inclined walk at the gym in a matter of 3 minutes. Hopefully this is just the result of genetics, high heart rate runs in the females for 3 generations. Possibly the cause of not being in shape. For now I wear the monitor and hope for answers, waiting for the return to the office on the 19th.

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