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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Minocycline, Plaquenil, Worse Symptoms

A few weeks ago my doctor's appointment was enlightening. We were happy with my progress, discussing removing the PICC line soon, and working on getting me back into school. We switched the  Zithromax to Minocin and Plaquenil to better combat my neurological symptoms, and I regret it. I now have suffered such bad symptoms, that I couldn't tell what was causing the problems. I had my first cycle since being off hormone medications, which sparks the Lyme up and messes up my body; the medicine change would could be either side effects, herx reaction, or just me backsliding; an increased stress level on the home front and personal side of things; and then the added challenge of trying to get me back into school work and bible studies all over again. Now, I spend all day every day feeling like the room is collapsing in on me with this weird dizzy vertigo type feeling. My eyes are acting up and so light sensitive again it is actually quite sad. My sound sensitivity has gone back up to the point where phone conversations are a challenge. Within the past week I had a migraine almost every day, managed with lots of mid day naps, a dark room, Tylenol, caffeine, loads of water, and ear plugs. After a nap and some medications it would usually reduce to a manageable point where I could sit up, talk, or eat lightly, but was still nauseas, taking a combination of nausea medicines, and still too dizzy to make it farther than the bathroom. Yesterday I did not have a migraine, I had other problems and stresses to manage. I have not had one yet but I'm trying to update all my fellow Lyme sufferers before it hits and I'm out cold for the rest of the day and night. I stopped the Minocycline, which was the second one I had started right before the migraines hit, and I'm waiting to see if my brain clears up a bit in the next few days. I have stayed on the Plaquenil the entire time so I can better see what is causing my symptoms to be worse. Small steps of change. I plan to be back on my gluten free casein free caffeine free diet as soon as this calms down and my progress changes direction again.


  1. So sorry to hear about the migraines. I used to get them too - a lot. I just wanted to mention that caffeine can sometimes contribute to migraine pain instead of helping it. So can eating too much sugar or having too much sugary stuff in the diet -- especially the artificial sweeteners. You would really do yourself a favor by getting on your diet (lifetstyle) change again as soon as possible. Every time we eat we are either putting good stuff into our system or stuff that our system looks at as poison. It is very important to eat the right foods all the time in order to gain our health and help our bodies to heal...

  2. I agree with Meo...
    I had a few days of vertigo, not bad... just back off the mino... don't stop it. It's working.
    I've had some bad Herx. with it and had to back off myself... sugar really hurts it! Caffeine I stopped and started doing decaf. but total off for a few days on WATER! well more like a week only drinking one decaf in the am and one evening... While working vig. on a fence in the hot heat sweating literely buckets which was scary but it was getting the toxins out. the following week feeling better... then the joint pain is less, the reactions are less. Eye double tripple vision is getting better after 2 months of being on it. (I did vit. d B-6 (which I had to quit for a while to figure out what was the worst and vit. c) slowly putting each back in. I'm still doing the double dose of D. b-6 & C sparsely.
    don't give up!

  3. Oh my.... Anonymous~

    I did the same thing last summer! That fence work pured buckets outa me! I had water totally at my side the entire time, and YES I kept feeling better also. Mino. did not make me have virtigo but vit. c seemed to make me feel worse. I've had to cut the caffeine due to palpatations that were very scary!
    Yes water & sweat!! Physical sweat... it helps us keep some of the muscle the Lyme and co's is breaking down. I've added fresh lemon, and haven't noticed a difference but... it's suggested by herbalists and reg. dr.s for detox. I do the epsom salt baths with peroxide and it does help the herx. Not too hot but as warm as I can handle it without it causing my breathing to struggle. And makes the muscles feel better.


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