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Friday, July 6, 2012

Half Brother for Christmas

On Christmas Eve my parents received a call at one in the morning. Apparently, when my dad was younger and in the air force, stationed in Georgia, right before he met my mother he was engaged to a woman named Sandy. They were living together and his parents came down all the way from New Hampshire to meet the fiance, when she mysteriously broke it off. Within a few months, Sandy discovered she was pregnant and for reasons unknown she decided not to tell anyone including Jake, the little boy she gave birth to 21 years ago. For the first time, Jake has connected with my father and told him he had another son, and was married to a woman named Shari and had a baby who was 2 years old named Chance. The following week they received the paternity test results, 99.9% positive. Jake, Shari, and Chance came to visit us from the 27th until today, the 6th. It has been a long six months preparing for this week where I met my oldest brother for the first time, my first sister in law, and my nephew! What a Christmas present to receive! My brother Jake got to say happy fathers day for the first time to my dad last month, and we has a great week getting to know them. We went to the beach and had family gatherings for July 4th and ate seafood. Sorry for not posting sooner on this event, but it's kept me busy and I have not had much time the past two weeks to post. I am so glad I was feeling better to enjoy their company this week. They are on their way back to Iowa right now, where they have a house and the rest of their family. It will be a long drive but we hope to see them again soon. My life seems to be like a Jerry Springer episode, always something shocking and dramatic to keep us busy!

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