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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Probiotic Protection

It is really important as a Lyme person or anyone else have stomach changes or irregular pain to know that Probiotics make a big difference. Every brand, every type, every dose can be different. I took a Probiotic called PB8 that was 8 billion units and still I needed to take 3 or 4 every night at least an hour away from antibiotics. We switched that brand to another one of a higher unit from Puritan's Pride and they did not work for me.

I started having symptoms of Candida Overgrowth AKA Internal Yeast Infection. It was a mess. This was back in April. More recently I have been taking a refrigerated 85 billion unit one called Raw Probiotic. This has helped my stomach tremendously, especially since I have irregular bowel movements thanks to the IV antibiotics, which are tough on the stomach. My pain level in my stomach has minimized and I have reduced nausea most of the time.

I went for a week where I hadn't taken Probiotics because I was out of them and they needed to be ordered (expensive little boogers). My stomach got so mad and the pain was incredible. Lets just say the pain was unique and there was so much nausea and vomiting, even more burping.

I now have been told to take more then one type of Probiotic and switch it up to keep the body's resistance down and keep the stomach healthy. I take both RawProbiotics and PB8 back and forth and at the same time. Probiotics definitely protect and its important to invest in them and keep on top of them.  If you forget them, then forget your stomach ever being normal again.

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