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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Switch of Infusion Antibiotic

My last Lyme appointment went really well, we decided there was notable improvement but we also decided, thanks to insurance coverage reasons, that I should start an every day infusion of the next level up. It's in the same family as Rocephin but it's a bit more powerful and expensive. The Insurance company approved this with the thought that I would get better with this final punch but we are unsure how the approval of the next month of med.s will go. I believe its called Invanz. Since switching, which I believe its been less than a week, I have been super tired. I've had headaches, I'm just really under the weather. I was told I need to keep on the diet 100% and I haven't been able to yet but I need to. I've been doing major detoxing which I will talk about in another post, and hoping that would help with the switch. Currently I'm trying to be patient and see if we can get me back to running and skiing.

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