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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Therapy Pet

The day I went in to the hospital to have my first dose of the Invanz, we saw a sign on the way home. It read free Main Coon Kittens and we turned around to go back. My mom's always wanted a Maine Coon cat and I've wanted a chinchilla since my Hamster died a month ago. This would be better and cheaper then a Chinchilla.   We discovered it was a litter of 2 boys and 2 girls, pure bred, Maine Coon kittens. I fell in love immediately with the first female, the other female was the runt, and I took her into my arms naming her Pippin. She was docile and soft and so loving to me. The first day and night she slept, and then she woke up. Shes been exploring and jumping and playing and keeping me up at night since. I'm allergic to cats but not bad, but this one sleeps right near my head and aggravates my allergies. There's no way I'm returning her, shes mine and I love her, so I will suffer through to keep her with lack of sleep and headaches and a stuffy nose. As she gets bigger I will brush her daily and get her spayed and declawed. Shes already treated for fleas and ticks and I'm keeping her indoors so I'll put a Hepa filter in my room and change my sheets weekly and ask my PCP for some more Nasonex. This is a very sweet kitten, and such good therapy to have something to baby.

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