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Monday, May 16, 2011

Relapse, New Symptoms

So Prom led to overdoing it. My body was overstressed and pushed to far. The Lyme and Bartonella began to attack my brain, leading to convulsions that looked like shivering. I was scared because I couldn't get the shaking in my whole body to stop and my breaths came in choppy. Sunday AM for 3 hours we fought the shakes until Valerian root calmed me enough to sleep. Later, when I woke up, they started again but I took more Valerian root and went fishing with my family. That was a mistake, because the lack of rest led to worse shakes that evening. I took Valerian Root and my mom took a video which I will share the link to, but it took awhile to slow down and I even fought for breath, stopping breathing once and turning slightly purple. I was terrified. This was a bad relapse. Terrible. Maybe herx reaction? No probably just toxic overload in my brain. I barely walked into the house Sunday evening and made my way to bed. Monday morning was an early rise and we were on the Lyme Doctor's doorstep. I was shaking terribly and stopped breathing 4 times, once in front of him. It was a very scary morning, he gave me a valium which worked amazingly and sent me home with a change of antibiotics, from minocin to zithromax, and something to make amoxy stronger, and a relaxing meds which didn't work well and had to be switched to Ativan a day later which worked better and could be taken with Valerian. Now the head shaking is slight, but still there. The worse part is I can move my legs with much effort, but I cannot stand or walk because of the weight on them. They start to cross and turn to Jello and I can't walk. I have ended up on the floor twice, because I thought maybe I could crawl once, and the other time I just forgot. Now I'm just in the slow transition into wheelchair bound. Its scary and sad but Im keeping my head up. For awhile tears kept falling, I cant see my mini horse, I cant really do anything, I still have to push through drivers education classes. Its alot to deal with!


  1. Elaina,

    First of all, beautiful name! Haha almost the same as mine.
    I read a few of your posts, and want to let you that I'm proud of you and thankful that you are raising awareness for Lyme Disease. I was diagnosed just a few weeks ago, but have been infected for about a year and a half.
    I had a couple questions for you if you are willing to share more of your story.
    Please contact me via my blog or email

    Thanks and happy healing!

  2. I will email you when i get a chance, though ive been rather sick, but you can find me on facebook as well. I will add your blog to my favorite links so others can see it too, if thats ok?


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