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Thursday, May 12, 2011


I've waited for Prom all my life, It was something where dressing up was acceptable, pushing formal over the edge was preferred, and everyone looked equally beautiful. I had never been to a prom but this year was a dream! I was invited to another school's prom by my boyfriend, a 6'2" Senior football player and track star from a few towns over. I love him, because he looks into my eyes and knows how bad I'm hurting but how much I'm pushing through. We had been planning prom for a few months, and now it was here. After the big High School Assembly I ran I got home and started preparing. I soaked my feet in Epsom salt and did my toenails though I started to feel really sick. Then I showered and dried my hair for the next morning and went to bed anxious.

I got up early, got my hair done for two hours and my makeup. I knew I felt terrible, but I must keep swimming. We stopped by the Lyme walk to take some quick pics and then moved onto heading home because the rain was picking up. The rain was a sad thing. I wanted beautiful pictures! I started praying hard, trying not to cry. I just wanted a perfect prom day! By the time I got sewn into my dress and was already and heading to the photo op the sun peaked out of the clouds and we had gorgeous picture weather. 45 minutes with Tyler's brother and my mother taking many different gorgeous pictures of us. Then off to prom which was a great evening. Afterwards was an after prom party that I had planned to attend, so i changed from my dress, feeling increasingly worse. When we got to the movie theater where the Chemical free prom party was being held, I had to call my mom because I was ready to blow. I was so nauseas and began to shiver. When I got in the car the shivers turned, and started a whole different set of issues. Prom was well worth it though.

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