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Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Relapse in Time

The fatigue came a few weeks after I had hiked to the second tallest mountain in NH one day in Mid-August. The first week in September I returned to school after a long five day weekend in Upstate New York which was utter paradise and a dream come true. Then the headache started a week later, and my stomach began to beat me up. My neck started to ache, and my whole body wanted to sleep. I spoke with my economics teacher about joining the High School Alpine Race Team, and I set my mind to train for that. My Lyme Doctor encouraged the exercise, but my body didn't. However I stopped coming off my med.s and stayed on the final one with a plan to go back on them since I was feeling worse. Before I even started to go back on the second antibiotic again, I developed severe depression. All the classic symptoms, fatigue, mood swings, random bouts of tears, wanting to give up, etc were pounding me into the ground. I was told to exercise, saw a chance to train for skiing, and started running daily with a friend. That was difficult, because i hate running, but i'll save most of that explanation for another post. I knew I was relapsing, but skiing was coming, and I had to train, and school was full swing, there was no way I was going to accept it. I stayed in denial.

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