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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Coccyx or Tail Bone Problems

Last year in January I was exempt from horseback riding due to tail bone pain that we called pilonidal cysts. The cysts and glands were all surgically cleaned out and removed and i dealt with additional hyper trophic scarring issues. Basically the skin scarred irregularly, probably from the Lyme, and was raised and painful, pulling at the tissue around it. I proceeded to seek Cranial Sacrael Therapy which massaged the tissues to soften them up, and keep a silicone 'scar away' scar patch, kind of like a band aid, on the scar which led to it ultimately softening up. By the end of summer I was still suffering from deep tail bone pain that was located at the tip of the tail bone, or the coccyx. I tried to work through it to horseback ride, but it wouldn't work. It was far too painful and I found myself consciously leaning to one side or the other when I would sit to avoid or reduce pain. I attempted to snowboard this past January, and after a few falls on the hard snow, right on my tail bone of course, I changed back to skis and gave up. After the snow boarding I had such bad pain from sitting or moving around that I returned to the surgeon. She said I could have broke or bruised the bone and sent me to an orthopedic specialist to get it looked at. We took ex rays and conclusive bone CAT scan which proved no visible break. He was not willing to do a Coccygectomy or surgery to remove the coccyx bone because he claimed it was unnecessary and would cause additional issues. I am still suffering with pain, which my Lyme Doctor claims is just Lyme Inflammation. So After my most recent Lyme Doctor Appt I picked up some Capsaicin .1% Arthritis cream made of menthol and chili peppers to try a new idea. basically i'm applying the cream twice a day to my tail bone area, and the extreme burning sensation is supposed to exhaust the nerves after a few days and reduce the pain. I have to apply it four times a day, suffer from severe burning, and wait for possible relief. It has proven to work before, but will it work for me? We will have to see. it's very uncomfortable, and painful, but not unbearable to return to horseback riding (if it works). I may be skeptical but it seems like a worthy idea, and I'm willing to try anything while i wait for my Appt. with a pain specialist.

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