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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Relapse and New Treatment- Pulse Therapy

Since the fall, I have been feeling the brunt of the first true Lyme relapse that I've encountered. i ignored the pain and fatigue and ran through it, and skied through it, and raced through it, and just kept pushing. Then I embraced the Ovarian Cyst surgery, and I just haven't recovered from that. i have been on Rifampin, Amoxy, and Minocin since the fall, and I'm not getting any better. i've exempt myself from a diet and sleep and overstressed about schoolwork and projects and running for student council president for next year. Now my whole body is breaking down and I'm at the end of my rope. I've dealt with depression, passing out, nausea, cysts, inflammation, fatigue, pain in joints and muscles, sleep issues, cramps, tingling, brain fog, euphasia (forgetting words), and so much more. My headache is back full force, and with all the New Hampshire snow storms I'm suffering from the barometric scale dancing around. I have schoolwork shooting out my ears from honors courses and I find it hard to last a full day. I've only run four days since the weather has started to permit it and I feel like I've killed my legs. I'm just sore, tense, and sick. I know other Lymies feel my pain and discomfort, and I've been so concentrated on looking and acting normal and embracing opportunities that I never had when i was home schooled from the Lyme that I just wish I could be 100% forever. I'm very distressed from the depression and I'm let down at the relapse. I've tried to have a positive opinion on things, and I've relied on books and bible studies and friends and family and quotes and positive feedback and praise to keep me going this whole time. Now it's just dissolving at the seams and I feel like crying. I try not to show this side of me to the world, I don't want them to think I'm weak. I push through a lot and this is something that whether I like it or not, I will push through as well. When I returned to the Lyme Doctor a few days ago I told him this, and we decided on a new treatment plan. Dr. Burrascano from NY treats Lyme patients with Pulse Therapy. The idea is that Lyme hides in the body, and by starting med.s for a few months and either switching antibiotics or stopping, then starting again you can kill multiple forms, stages, and types of Lyme Disease. I stopped all my medicines that are pushing the Lyme into hiding, and we are waiting for me to get as sick as possible. When the bugs are out of hiding in a few weeks we won't worry about slowly building up, we will start all four abx (Rifampin, Plaquenil, Minocin/Minocycline, and Amoxycillin) at once and hit this bug like a nuclear bomb. I have hope that this will work, even though I have a feeling the herx reactions will be tough. All I need now is prayer.

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  1. Hey, I just wanted to say what you are doing is very inspiring. I love your drive, and you courage, you never give up no matter what. You inspire people on a daily basis. You just have to remain strong, and know that you are here for a reason. God probably decided you were one of the few people who is strong enough to power through this disease, and still educate and better the world at the same time. Keep your head up, you got thisss(:


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