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Friday, April 3, 2009


For me, I believe it is more than just the antibiotics to treat an illness like this. More than the herbs, the vitamins, anything. But for now let me talk a little about the medicines I have tried so far.

To start with, my LLMD recommended I start on herbal treatments before I even got the test results back. Here is a list of the herbs that were meant to fight the Lyme and co-infections over the past 1/2 year: Andrographis, Artemesia, and Cat's Claw. All of these and dosages can be found in the Healing Lyme book I recommend for reading. The necessary herbs were Milk Thistle for liver function, Probiotics for multiple reasons, a daily Vitamin, Vitamin B-complex, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Co Q-10, Fish Oil (Omega 3), and for sleep Valerian Root and time release Melatonin work the best. in total right now I take about 38 pills a day, and it is really tough on my stomach so I drink Aloe Vera Juice to coat the Upper GI track (throat and stomach).

In the beginning when the results were finally back as positive and it was time to treat, the LLMD put me on the above 'cocktail' of herbs and Biaxin. When that proved very little effective we switched onto Biaxin and Bactrim. Neither quite helped so after time we switched both of those to high doses of Amoxicillin. That was ineffective as well. Now I am on high doses of the above herbs and aiming for a herx, anything to show that the medicines are working. If you would like to look into any treatment like I have done, just remember that the side effects may differ. I have been effected minor and also have had increasing fatigue from time to time. it is said that Lyme makes cycles and gets worse for an allotted amount of time every 3/4 weeks.


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