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Friday, April 3, 2009

Weather and Barometer

As many may notice, when the weather gets bad, the barometer goes down, or the skies cloud over, you may notice the change in symptoms. I have come to realize that any change in weather, temperature, or barometric pressure increases the pain, and puts me into bed. over the course of a morning the sky can go from sunny to foggy or rainy, and I can go from okay to far below that!

If you are on the same track, understand that god is not punishing you, but testing you. You could have a great day and then be crumby the next week! It is just part of this illness and most realize the change in body when a storms coming, and I can even predict weather sometimes just by my grogginess.

As a storm comes closer the pressure in the Atmosphere usually increases causing the barometer to fall, and causing the joints in the body to feel greater strain. So if something's off, check the forecast!

Many feel this way in Winter and better in Summer, some feel worse in Summer better in Winter. It all depends what your Lyme Decides it doesn't like put it more understandable. Every person is different but I can assure you that your increasing misery is shared with others, just stick through it and take it easy.

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