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Monday, March 23, 2009

Fake Friends.....It's the story of a Lymie's Life!

Just to make it clear to everyone, my 'friends' a couple months ago that I posted about, bowling with them... did NOT come around. I canceled plans with my cousins so that I could get together with them and the day of, they all backed out! So, no bowling. But, you know, the truth is with us Lymies that no one can be a real friend unless they understand (or try to at least). So, If you feel you are not getting the credit you wish for fighting this illness by outsiders, I am here for you. The only time the school friends talked to me after that was a week or two ago when I contacted them and only ONE answered her phone, and she said she was busy anyway. I can truly understand and empathize with those of us who feel forgotten about, disliked, or just misunderstood! And it truly stinks.....(because we are still humans, and we are still us!) But it is the life god gave us to fight for. Women or Girls (especially teenagers) just feel that if you're not in the loop, then out of sight out of mind. I was deeply crushed when I was sitting at home that night, no plans because of these mean girls. We have to stick through it together! I just felt like it was important for me to post this and let all of us know, You are not alone! Even Myself, for I have to remind myself many times how much of a blessing it was for me to get pulled away from the selfish, untrue friendships I was in. And besides, I would never be accomplishing my life long dream with horses if it weren't so. The Hippo Therapy was foreign to me, as was my talent with them, until the awakening of this new chapter in my life. Truth is, We can make it through this! So contact a Lyme friend of yours today and let them know you can be counted on.... Because It(Lyme) is life now, At least we have a beating heart! ( If you need a shoulder to lean on, a friend to understand, or someone so you may feel guided, I am ready to try and help!

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  1. Hi Elaina!

    Thank you so much for emailing me, I'm so sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet! I've been having a rough time lately, but I know that you know how that goes.

    I can definitely relate to this post of yours! I actually JUST wrote about people and how they don't understand , and actually wrote about bowling too! How ironic! Perhaps you'd be interested in reading that.

    I've actually found lately that I have family members who don't understand either. It's so sad and frustrating, and can be so lonely, but it really helps to know that there are people out there like yourself that "get it".

    Be well, ok? And keep your head up! I'll be thinkin of ya.

    I'll add you to the links on my blog, and I have you listed publicly as a follower as well.

    Thanks Elaina!


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