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Thursday, March 19, 2009

C-PAP Machine

My latest little update. After almost 1/2 year, 5 months of fighting the ignorant Doctors and insurance company, I got the letter and now received the C-Pap for my condition called Sleep Apnea. It is most likely a symptom of the Lyme disease or co-infections, but it's something to treat and so I'm hopeful. I received the machine and mask set to level 6 (4-20 levels I believe) to keep air flowing in and out at night. If it helps a restful sleep, there is a chance I will heal faster because I'll be more rested. MAYBE even less fatigue!! I can't wait, and I am also worried that it will not help and will hurt really bad...

The only person I can think of with the same thing that would understand the awkwardness is my grandmother in GA. who suffers 'Fibromayalgia', sleep apnea, and other aches-- And she said it was just a get-used to process.

So that's what's up, so far!

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  1. this is Cortney Wright again. i noticed you didn't have any comments and wanted to tell you that i'm on like 30 pills a day as well, and you're lucky to have the oxygen treatment for the sleep. i take naps about the same time everyday, that's how i blow off my fatigue and i feel for you on the oxygen.


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